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Sep 21

Remove all negative numbers from your graphite graph

I’ve written a few bash and powershell script that  scrape various processes or interfaces in an effort to capture a value and calculate a rate, then store than in whisper (graphite’s DB).  I found though that due to some corner cases my script logic sometimes calculates negative values and sends them to graphite.  If your …

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Aug 06

True windows process cpu utilization percentage using powershell

Recently I had to write a powershell script that grabbed the CPU percentage of a process running on one of our servers so we could trend it.  I figured this would be super simple task.  To my surprise this was quiet a challenge.  I tried several different approaches including get-process and get-wmiobject.  Most of the usual commands …

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May 05

First Post!

This is my first attempt at writing down my thoughts and ideas to share with others.   Hopefully people find information posted here useful.  So bare with me as I get the site setup and get some stuff posted.